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Presenting Android terminal with Termux (EdLug)

Posted on — Oct 1, 2019

Last night, I presented about Termux to EdLug, the Edinburgh Linux User group (see the event page on meetup.com) in a talk titled “The freedom of shelling out on Android”. It was tons of fun showing off how your Android phone/tablet getting a terminal unlocks a powerful tool!

Termux running vim, gcc, strace, with tmux splitting screen. Credit: Termux website

I’ve made the slides available on this website, click on the slide below. Remember that there are speaker notes for people following at home, press S to use them. These were built with Reveal.js.

Figure 1: Click to view the slides

Figure 1: Click to view the slides

I definitely will do some more public talks in the future, and I’ll post the slides on this site afterwards.