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Posted on — Sep 19, 2019

Who am I?

I’m Jean-Baptiste Doyon, but everyone calls me Jb (sounds like “G-Bay” in French). Across many misinterpretations, it evolved into the online handle Jiby (my French friends make it sound like the English initialism for Great Britain), giving the domain name of this website.

While I’m natively French, originally from a town near Nice, I moved across Europe a few times for my studies before settling in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My background is in Computer Science, with a major in medical image processing. I’m working on backend software development on Linux, and am happy doing a lot of systems administration and build automation (some call it devops).

Most of my work is spent in the terminal, using Emacs (but respect vim). I try to live my life in plain text, and read manuals so others don’t have to.

I am on a lifelong journey to get away from cloud systems (think of it as “de-google-ification”), both for learning purposes and due to personal beliefs about Free Software. I like to call this a “selfhosted effort” (trying to self-host as much of my personal infrastructure as possible), which prompts me to title this blog “my toolbox”.

My motivation for starting this website was to give back to the community, and hope to convey technical concepts, small tricks and stray thoughts. Mostly things I’ve repeated enough times to write down. But also ideas that I couldn’t find written anywhere else, and have foolishly decided were original.

I would love to hear feedback about this site’s content. One can reach me by email by replacing the words before the @ with “blog” in the following address: blackhole@jb.jiby.tech. Email sent to the wrong address (with “blackhole” prefix) will be thrown into the sun (blackholed). This charade game is meant to avoid spam… We’ll see how effective that is.